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5 min readSep 27, 2021
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Digital marketing is simply an online method of connecting with likely customers via promoting goods and services using the internet or other online digital communications. Digital marketing is simply a way to grow an online business via connecting with potential customers through the internet. Digital marketing has become most essential for any marketing business all around the world, as it consist of the very vast wide network, which is the internet. First thing to understand is that digital marketing need you to spend more time online and with your mobile devices to help keep in touch. Basically this means that 80% of your work would be done online. Definitely, all that reads this article are apparently not new to the online world, but are instead new to marketing online (maybe 70% of you guys). So in this article, I assure you’ll get familiar with digital marketing and if you follow up with my weekly articles as well, you’ll definitely get best results on your journey into digital marketing.

Things you’ll need to get started:
1. A non digital business or a marketing idea or at least a basic knowledge about what business is or what marketing is, so as to make things easier for you and me. if you need help with knowing the basics of the marketing business you can just click on the link on my bio and send me a message via my email.
2. A laptop
3. and a 3g, 4g or a 5g network mobile device.
You should already have the last two obviously. But if you need help on getting new gadgets for work, you can also send me a text via my email through the link on my bio and I’ll get you connected with recommended products.

Now lets get started:
The most important types of digital marketing;
these types are leads and steps to a standard digital market, they are crucial for a digital market;

1. Site Marketing: This simply creating a website to showcase your products, services or brand. website marketing is a basic form of digital marketing and it’s necessary. Well, it’s fairly in most cases you’d see digital marketers only use the social medial, or maybe only email marketing strategies depending on what they offer. But all in all, website marketing is a necessary step to be taken for any digital marketer, it doesn’t have to be on your first day in the business. Bluehost is a good and cheap platform to get started with for just two dollars per month. If you also need help on getting started with Bluehost, Wordpress or any site I recommend for you, just send me an email through the link on my bio and I’ll help you step by step.

2. Search Engine Optimization: SEO is what you do to get audience to see your market. This can be done as simple and as free as just going to ‘’ on your web browser, search for google keyword search tool, search for your business type and see other searches that customers do to get to a business of your kind on the worlds’ top search engine Google. Then you’ll just pick the search phrase or word that is frequently used and use it to optimize for ads. But if you need a more professional help, FunnelsBot is also a good option to help drive more traffic to your digital market.

3. Content Marketing: This is to generate audience interest. you can write blogs, videos, infographics and case studies to get people to know about your product and services explaining the the good your products can offer, which can in turn create interest in your audience. Blogger is a good option to write your blogs with, or you can go pro and use a professional help from Designbeast commercial instead.

4. PPC pay per click advertising: Create/register for ads to drive traffic to your website for an amount per click. That is just what pay per click is all about. google ads is the best choice for you.

5. Social Media Marketing: To reach a larger audience you need to engage in social media platforms. Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and linked in are great social media platforms to start promoting your site and most important your products and services. As a tip, try to focus more and understand more on one of the platforms, this helps improve your marketing skills. VideoCreator can help you with designing your videos and other eye saw content you can post on your social media platforms.

6. Email Marketing: This is where you get your customers engaged in your site and products by sending them emails on daily updates and other write ups that will make them want to revisit your website and possibly buy products or register for more of your services provided in your market. Email Videos Pro can help you with that professionally, as it can do email marking, newsletter templates and designs, Video email marketing and so much more.

7. Affiliate marketing: This is simply a third party website promoting your market. You just have to pay affiliate members a commission to help drive traffic and sales to your website.

You need the above aforementioned to be able to get some reasonable amount of customers for your market online. Each of these types also has diverse spreads to the lent at which they can be useful to your business. Current strategies are the most useful as the world evolves on a daily basis, so you’ll need to work with what works ‘CURRENTLY’. If you need any more guides on getting the best out of digital marketing, you can send me email questions or just simply subscribe to my page and get notified on my new post or you can scout around my page for other posts concerning digital marketing.

And please if you need extra help and assistance just send me an email via the link on my bio. Thank you and have a great day.




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