10 Tips for a user friendly web interface.

3 min readSep 22, 2021
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As a digital marketer, your number one essential is to get a website. Either from the bluehost community or any other web hosting platform. But most digital marketers just get websites as they can afford or as they know how to. They don’t focus on a well presentable website as they just focus on just having a site to market goods and services. It is essential for a digital marketer to have possibly the best presentable website for customer’s ease of access and for so much more beneficial attributes. You can easily get started with bluehost or wordpress to help create a good professional website for you

A good user friendly web interface should consist of the following:
in addition to your already made website, the following are just some recommended touches that can help improve productivity for your site

1. Site images and videos: This is important for any site that wants to capture customer’s attention. Most site essentially have images and videos but the issue is that they add too many of them. You need your customers to focus more on your message than to get all drowned in the images and links. Videos are also essential to your site as they can bring more traffic to your site from Youtube and also through ads. PrimeMeet, DesignBeast or VideoCreator are amazing sites to help you with creating professional videos and so much more for your website.

2. FAQ section: Create this section in your website to connect more to your customers. It is popularly kept at the right down side of a site. Funnelsbot can help you with that.

3. Giveaways: This helps a lot. Maybe once in a month or even is a year is fine, as long as there is a giveaway/contest on your site, no matter the time it really happens, you are prone to drive customer’s attention. You can edit this with Funnelsbot.

4. Simple domain name: Make your domain name catchy and memorable. make sure it’s simple and short, and let it reflect your business name. Also, your email address should be from your domain name… e.g …@yourdomainname.com

5. Use professional web designs: Get a professional web designer or pay for professional web design templates. You can hire an online marketing company to design and implement a strategy for you, whereby they can add social icons, help you create downloadable free white papers or E-books (which can help gather emails), create infographics, simplify web forms on your site and do a lot more to your site. Create a call to action near the top of the screen, so as to ease your visitors from scrolling down to find it. You can also use a content management procedure for your site, Bluehost Wordpress is the best I can recommend, but for a more professional help, Funnelsbot is where to get started.

6. Add customer endorsement to site: Customer testimonials will play an essential roll in gaining the trust of new visitors. Add them to your site homepage so it could give your customers a view on what other visitors recommend.

7. Add auto responders: This is very necessary to get more activities from customers/visitors on your site.

8. Add the refer a friend or bookmark this page links: This will make things easy for your customers and they will also be reminded to shear your contact with other potential customers.

9. Clean URLs: Url links that are scanty and that has long strings of letters an numbers in them, attracts less attention as most customers tend to ignore them the most. make your urls in all English, short, simple and easy to remember. you can also add your social media vanity urls, of course a nicer looking url. e.g; intagram.com/yourdomainname.

10. Case studies: Request for case studies from other businesses and people your company has helped so you could post on your site for a positive look.

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